Product Description:
Southern Motion knows comfort. We also know how to take a classic track arm and update it with a transitional flair. Check out the attention to detail carried throughout the silhouette such as the French seamed boxings added to the front arms as well as the lower bustle backs and the chaise pad! Not only fresh sewing treatments, but even extra framing is used to achieve the reverse curves of the arms and wings! With all these design elements it’s no wonder that the MARVEL style will be on the top of everyone’s list this season. The Marvel features our patented power headrest for ultimate reclining comfort. Southern Motion is proudly made in the Made in the USA.


  • 31 – Double Reclining Sofa
    83w / 40d / 42h
  • 61P – Double Reclining Sofa with Power Headrest
    83w / 40d / 42h
  • 28 – Double Reclining Sofa with Console
    74w / 40d / 42h
  • 78P – Double Reclining Sofa with Console and Power Headrest
    74w / 40d / 42h
  • 21 – Double Reclining Loveseat
    60w / 40d / 42h
  • 51P – Double Reclining Loveseat with Power Headrest
    60w / 40d / 42h
  • 83 – Wedge
    73w / 40d / 41h
  • 1881 – Rocker Recliner
    37w / 40d / 42h
  • 2881 – Wall Hugger Recliner
    37w / 40d / 42h
  • 5881P – Rocker Recliner with Power Headrest
    37w / 40d / 42h
  • 6881P – Wall Hugger Recliner with Power Headrest
    37w / 40d / 42h

Features and Benefits:

Reclina-Pedic  Wall Hugger


Power/Power Plus   Memory Plus   iRecliner

881 ROOM SCENE        881 no model      881 sectional1881 recliner sweep                   



Of all the furniture stores in East Tennessee , Ogle Furniture has the best selection of the SOUTHERN MOTION-ITEM#: 881 MARVEL-LIVING ROOM SET. This item may also come in various sizes, styles, or colors. Please ask one of our representatives if we have the specific color/style you are looking for.